Traditional Coney Dogs at Grandview Cafe BLT Dogs at Grandview Cafe - discovered that mayo is strangely delicious on hot dogs! The winning stadium dog at Grandview Cafe - spicy queso, jalepenos, crumbled tortilla chips! The feta plate at Grandview Cafe - also good was the fiery feta dip. Rueban dogs The very nice fish at Grandview Cafe 3rd & Hollywood! 3rd & Hollywood was smart enough to provide wine! Cheddar, ham, pimento cheese biscuits at 3rd & Hollywood awesome picture of Louie Armstrong! yummy pinot to pair with the biscuits Strangely spicy & noodly salad at Noodles Chicken Caesar Sandwich at Noodles BBQ and tasty Mac 'n Cheese at Hoggy's taco pizza, and more, at Minuteman Pizza Fall Salad at Trattoria Roma We all loved the limoncello creme brulee at Trattoria Roma The charming interior at Mazah Sampler plate at Mazah Mazah owner Maggie - don't you just want to take her home and have her serve you every day like mom used to? cool tchatkes at Jeni's Sweet pretzel buns - house made, mind you - with sweet cinnamon butter for dipping. From Stauf's tiny cranberry scones at Stauf's two of my favorite boys in the world! Philip from Spagio Cellars, and Mark from Stauf's!
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